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Principal Mrs. Picado

Principal Mrs. Picado



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Dear Baldwin Academy Parents and Students:

As the principal of Baldwin Academy, I would like to welcome all of you to the new school year.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your children. I assure you that the staff and I will work very hard to maintain Baldwin’s standard of excellence and provide your children with the best possible educational experience.  

Our goal this year, as in years past, will be to have each child meet the grade level standards in Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies.  Throughout the year all students will be assessed to make sure they are making adequate progress towards meeting grade level standards by the end of the year. The teachers and I will be contacting you throughout the year to inform you of your child’s progress. 

In order for students to be successful at Baldwin, it is critical that they attend school every day, all day, unless they are too ill to attend.   The daily instruction is essential to building students’ understanding and competency on grade level standards.   Instruction that is missed, even for a short period of time, is very difficult to make up.   Children who are often absent, tardy or leave early are at a definite disadvantage. We ask you in advance for your cooperation in getting students here on time and not taking them out early unless it is an absolute emergency.

As principal, I will spend most of the instructional day inside the classrooms, monitoring the teaching and learning that is taking place.   If you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to contact me through the front office either before or after class time.   If I am unavailable at that moment, please leave a detailed message with the office staff and a number where I can reach you.  I will do my very best to contact you by the end of the day, or within 24 hours at the most.  I look forward to working with the entire school community to provide the highest quality service to the families of Baldwin Academy.   

By working together we will be successful in having every child meet or exceed grade-level standards!  I look forward to a great year!